3D Printed "Magic Shoes" for Kids with Disabilities

Our Crowdfunding Campaign is LIVE NOW!

We need your help to make life-changing, 3D Printed posture & mobility equipment available to children with disabilities.

The medical term for these are Ankle & Foot Orthoses, but we call them "Magic Shoes" :)

Checkout our video below and be part of the change:

Get Involved - Be Part Of The Change

If you want to get involved, apart from contributing to the campaign, we want to hear from you

Trial Family

We are looking for 50 families to be part of the trial. If your child is 2-6 years old, on a long wait-list for AFOs, and around Sydney this is your opportunity


Want to be one of the first Orthotists in Australia offering this service to your clients?  Apply now, and we will help to get the first Clinics equipped.

Research Partner

Want to be part of history? We are looking for research partners to help make 3D Printed Orthoses available to the world