Apply to participate in Clinical Trials of 3D Printed AFOs

We are looking for 30 families to be part of the trial. If your child is 2-8 years old, fits the inclusion criteria below, and  can make it to Sydney this is your opportunity


What is this all about?

Please see overview video below:

Please note this video was made before many of our collaborators came onboard and does not yet reflect all the amazing people contributing to this study!


Who is conducting the study?

The study is a collaboration between 7 mission-focused disability organisations:

AbilityMate, Northcott, Northcott Innovation, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Robohand, KOrthotics and Mobius Medical

The study is conducted by two highly experienced and respected Orthotists, Merrick Smith from KOrthotics and Vandeth Chhun from Northcott


Who will be invited to enter the study?

In order to get clinically valid outcomes we have a very specific criteria for children in the study. We are looking for children who:

  1. The child is aged 2-8 years and has a definitive disability diagnosis; and
  2. The child has a GMFCS Score of 1 or 2; 
  3. The child has the ability to walk 10 meters independently, without the use of aides, and without the assistance of others
  4. The child has not received botox treatment 9 months prior to trial start date; and/or expected to receive botox treatment during the 7 month trial period.
  5. The child has been prescribed and worn Ankle Foot Orthotics before


What will happen, and what will be required?

The trial is conducted through the KOrthotics and Northcott Orthotics Clinics in Guildford and Parramatta, Sydney.

It will require approximately 3 visits to the clinic, your child will get treated by two highly respected Orthotists, and will receive a custom-made 3D Printed AFO to wear for 6 months.

For more information and to apply please fill in the form below, we'd love to hear from you!

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