June 30 2015

These switches are used widely by people with disabilities to access computers, iPads and other communication devices. Unfortunately they are ridiculously expensive - $100 and upwards for a simple switch!

We have created a reliable, simple alternative that costs only $5 to make yourself, or you can buy it from us for $39.99. No soldering or any other modifications are required, it's just two bits you plug into each other (or alternatively click HERE to buy it from us and we'll solder on a nice plug for you :)

Here is the elegant, rugged, $10 alternative:

These switches were originally used for tattoo machines, but it turns out they do exactly the same thing as the above (overpriced) switches. They are very soft to the touch to activate, with tactile and audible feedback. They are available in a range of colours and materials, including plastic and stainless steel:

As you probably noticed they have a slightly larger plug than the 3.5mm jack that the Ablenet switches come with, so all we do is supply it with a little adapter plug as shown below

Switch Construction

The switches are originally used by tattoo artists as foot-switches for their machines. They are extremely reliable and rugged. The switch is simply two spring-steel plates that are held about 2mm apart by a rubber insulating washer, and when you press the two plates make contact. 

Buy from eBay, or buy from AbilityMate

You can buy these from eBay and Jaycar:

Acrylic Tattoo Foot Pedal Switch- $2.83 3.5mm Mono plug to 6.5mm Socket - $1.95

 Get It Today With Your Name Engraved, and Still 75% Cheaper Than Ablenet Switches