August 10 2015

We are bringing together people with disabilities and makers to work on two projects. Both projects are things used by people with disabilities all over the world, so if we can create an open-source design for these you have the opportunity to have a big, worldwide positive impact.

We had 2 Projects on the day:

Project 1: Boccia Ramp

Project 2: Switch / PC Interface

We used a Human Centered and Design Thinking approach to the day. Here is a summary of how we roll!

9:30 - 11:00 DISCOVERY

We understood the challenge by listening to the Australian Boccia coach and the director of Boccia Australia. We heard from Marusha and Kylie about difficulties they have with their current  ramps & switch applicators

11:00 - 12:00 INTERPRETATION

Shared our experiences related to the challenge. Understood potential problems by listening to the everyday use of people with disabilities. 

12:00- 2.00 IDEATION

Working by team on the 2 different projects. Brainstorming, emerging ideas and refining them in priorities.


This is where we got our sketches down. We used tactile materials to produce prototypes of a new design. This enabled us to shape the concept, prototype it and perfect it.

4.00pm to 4:15pm EVOLUTION

We tracked our ideas and debriefed to move forward. While eating cake, playing Boccia!

It was an amazing day spent with inspirational and beautiful people, we can't wait for the next