The best part about co-creation is the ability to work alongside people who are not only creative and have the expertise in design, but also people who live and breathe the challenges that occur in the disability world. People often underestimate the power of empathy and embark on the journey of design without truly understanding the problem and the end users. We sometimes like to use the ‘’iceberg’’ analogy when talking about design - in order to truly understand the root of a problem, we need to go beyond the tip of the iceberg. And this often starts with the end users. People who use the product. People who experience the challenges first hand. People who know exactly what the problem is  and have ideas on how to fix it.

This is why Sam and Kylie were brought together.

Kylie is passionate about Boccia, but it was difficult for her to play with the standard Boccia ramp. Kylie knew exactly what needed to be done in order for her to overcome the challenges.

Sam is an Industrial Designer who knows the ins and outs of product design and is driven by a passion to design with a human centred approach.

It was incredible to see the ideas that sparked when two like-minded people collaborated on a project. Here’s a little snapshot of the design process they went through:

Discovery Phase - Understanding the Problem

  • Sam went to watch Kylie play a game of Boccia so he could get an idea of what the challenge is

  • Kylie shared her ideas with Sam and wanted to replicate the design of the Boccia ramp her friend Daniel owns

  • Got Daniel’s consent and took photos of his ramp

  • Kylie and Sam did a brainstorming session to figure out what would work and what wouldn’t

  • Kylie wanted to have the ability to tilt the ramp to eye level as that would allow more precision with aiming


Research Phase - Gathering the Tools and Materials

  • Traced the design of Daniel’s Boccia ramp on butcher paper

  • Together Kylie and Sam worked out tools and materials were needed for the ramp

  • Sam did some additional research on materials and the best options for the ramp

  • Sam asked some of his friends to make certain parts of the ramp


Prototyping Phase - Test and Iterate

  • Tested the ramp with Kylie

  • Noticed there are still a few areas that need more work

  • Sam and Kylie did a brainstorming session on what needs to be done for the next iteration

 Kylie playing Boccia at Allambie Heights 

Kylie playing Boccia at Allambie Heights 

 Mechanics of the ramp 

Mechanics of the ramp 

 Sam and Kylie working on ramp 

Sam and Kylie working on ramp 

 Testing the ramp

Testing the ramp