October was one hell of a crazy month for team AbilityMate and our community.. We took song requests and danced in front of the Opera House, we recruited a team of evangelists who were ready to conquer the world with us and we brought our first pair of magic shoes (Ankle-Foot Orthoses) to life. Sound familiar? We joined ING Direct’s DreamStarter program and ran a crowdfunding campaign for our AFO project.

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It honestly felt like we were on a roller-coaster ride - everything happened at once and we barely had enough time to digest it all. Despite the ups and downs during the campaign, it was a huge success and we can’t thank our community enough for all the love and support you have shown us! The results achieved were beyond what any of us expected and we couldn’t have done it without you.

So may have seen some of our photos and videos throughout the campaign, now it’s time to get a little insight on what happened behind the scenes and some tips if you’re planning to run your own crowdfunding campaign!

  1.     Map Your Journey
    The first thing we did the minute we found out we were doing a crowdfunding campaign was call a team meeting. We spent a day working out what we wanted to achieve, how we were going to do it and who did what. We mapped out a detailed journey of what needed to be done by when and what the potential risks were involved in the project overall. When we finally had a clear vision of how our campaign would look, we shared the love, as we do at AbilityMate HQ, and split the tasks between each person in our team.
  2. Recruit Evangelists
    There was no way we would be able to achieve our goal on our own, so we multiplied ourselves and reached out to our community. We recruited a strong team of campaign evangelists, prepped them for what’s to come and gave them all the materials and content they need so they could help us spread the word…. strategically!
  3. Maintain Privacy!
    No matter how much time we’d spent on preparing for the campaign, there were just some things that were out of our control. Our live stream Dance for Mobility video was removed from Facebook due to copyright issues of the songs that were played. To top it off, when we did the social media shout outs for those who chose it as a reward, we accidentally mentioned the names of people who wished to remain anonymous. Disaster hey?! We spent the next day or two doing damage control.

  4. Social Media Content Strategy
    Social media was our best friend. Our communications team got together to work out a social media content strategy plan - in other words, we made a detailed schedule of what content to post, what day/time to publish it and who was responsible for doing it.

  5. Engage Your Audience
    Last but not least, and probably one of the most important things… engage your audience! We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your audience in the loop. Prior to the launch of the campaign, we brought our evangelists together to see a sneak peak of what our campaign would look like and gave them an opportunity to spend some time with our team. We couldn’t end the campaign without getting together to share our joy and happiness, so that’s exactly what we did… we hosted a thank you brunch with our evangelists and some of our supporters.

For more information on ING's dreamstarter campaign, click here: https://www.campaigns.ingdirect.com.au/dreamstarter

Stay tuned to see what we have in store for you this year ;)

MelT (AbilityMate’s rebel UX designer)