Our vision embodies the mantra “Design Global, Manufacture Local"


Every person with a disability should have access to the assistive products they need to be included in society. To achieve this, our vision is to co-create a global commons of open-source designs and set up localised factories where assistive products can be produced with technologies like 3D printers.

Step 1: Commercialise our first product and service - Ankle foot Orthoses for children with disabilities, equip and train Orthotists in Australia

Step 2: Make 3D scanning IP available to the global disability community through a safe & ethical open-licence and training program.

Step 3: Develop a scaleable platform whereby approved 3D printing hubs can sign up and get paid to make assistive products.

Step 4: Hit sustainability and reach people who are desperately in need. 

Go back to step 1: Invest profits and repeat step 1 to 4 with the next most needed assitive product.